Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Halloween...Is it Jewish?

Rabbi Ginsburg has shared this article from the blog Windows and Doors by Rabbi Brad Hirshfield. While for some, the religious connection to Halloween may long be forgotton, but there's no denying the pagan origins. Read on to see what Rabbi Hirshfield has to say. What do you think? How or will your family celebrate?

Halloween 2009: Tips from a Rabbi About How To Celebrate
by Rabbi Brad Hirschfield

On October 31, children across America will don their capes and masks and go door-to-door collecting candy and treats to celebrate Halloween. But for many traditional Jewish families and even for some Christian ones, Halloween is a time of unease and discomfort. Parents may question whether or not to let their children participate in a ritual which they see as Gentile, having roots in Christian and/or Pagan culture. These tips will help families navigate this issue in ways that respect both their own religious sensibilities and their kids' desire to have fun. I know, because they work for me and my family. (read the full post at the source, here)

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