Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Thank you! Parents Club ad in Ad Book

Thank you to the Resnik's, Davidson's, Shoss-Bonaventura's, Zavell's, and the Claver's for contributing to our Parents Club Ad in the EHNTJC Ad Book Celebrating 50Years of our Synagogue Building. It will be a great way to involve more parents. Did I miss anyone? Do you still owe me money? On the former, please let me know, we'd love to ad you and make a bigger ad (each family contributed $10), and on the latter, as long as we don't write anything down, hopefully it will be kosher to slip the money to me the first day of Hebrew School (9/9 for 3rd grade and up, and 9/12 for K-2.

With our help, the AD BOOK will bring in over $25,000 to support our synagogue and its ongoing activities. The book will be distributed on October 25 at the Dr. Sandy Finkel concert, The Life and Songs of American Jewish Singers.

p.s. Call the office at 847-675-4141 right away if you want to try to squeeze in an ad for your business or a business you frequent. 1/4 page is $40 (I took one of these out for my marketing company), 1/2 page $75 and full page $100.

Thanks to Judy Frank for her hard work as Ad Book Chairman.

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